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    Valentine’s Day Party: Sweets & Treats

    In 2016 I re-did our new tradition of the Valentine’s Day tea party. I wanted to switch it up a little. Mostly with different food and a new theme.

    I designed the invitation with help from the Heart Attack digital scrapbooking kit from Jady Day studio.

    I used the kit to design the wrappers for the drinks and all of the other items for the party.

    I thought it would be cute for each kid to have a conversation-heart cake on their plate. I’m not the best at making cakes.

    I also made heart shaped sugar cookies.

       And pretzels – “I’m in KNOTS over you!”

      Valentine, you make me POP! 


    I also made pink hot chocolate with whip cream, heart-shaped marshmallows and sprinkles.

      It was a fun party!

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    A 2016 review is better late than never!

    It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for three years. 2016 was an interesting year for sure, but a busy one. Throughout the year I shot 12 family sessions, two birthdays, two special events (a prom and homecoming!), three sports events (a new one!), two newborns, two WEDDINGS, and a whole bunch of kids with Santa.

    Here are some of my favorites from the year…


    Adorable kids…



    And adorable first birthdays…

      These are just a few! Looking forward to a great 2017!
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    Valentine's Day Tea Party, Dolly Themed

    Ask anyone who knows me – I love a party. Especially a theme party.

    One of my all-time favorites was the Orange Is The New Black party my friend Jan threw a few years ago. A group of us all picked characters and came dressed in our finest prison attire. We even had guards, prison food trays, and a plethora of laughs.

    My least favorite? The year that same friend threw an Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds themed party and dressed herself as Melanie Daniels, the woman in the film who is attacked by birds. She had fake cuts and scratches and birds attached to her suit.

    In case you didn’t know… I hate birds.

    In retaliation, I arrived to the party in an elf costume.

    She hates elves.

    At any rate, those pictures will hopefully never see the light of day! But on a more family-friendly note, I love to plan parties for my girls. And two years ago in 2015, I did a Valentine’s Day tea party.

    Nothing special at all. I just don’t really like January so it gave me something fun to plan and do with my girls and some of their closest friends.

    Since I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest, I thought this would be a good way to give back. To review some parties that I’ve put together and hopefully inspire your next soiree!

    The Valentine’s Day, 2015 tea party was a bring-your-own doll themed.

    I designed the invitation myself with help from the  Sugarbug by Digilicious Design digital scrapbooking kit.

    I designed wrappers for milk bottles, name tags, food signs, a menu, and more.

     Our menu was tea – which was really hot chocolate, smoothies, chocolate dipped strawberries, cupcakes and fairy bread. Fairy bread was just heart-shaped toast with Nutella and sprinkles on it. Delicious.

    I ordered a pink tablecloth and runner, but the tablecloth didn’t come in time. I set up each girl with their own special plate and nametag.

    The first year was pretty simple. Store-bought cupcakes! What’s easier?

    I also made some chocolate dipped marshmallows.

    And used the fresh tulips I received for Valentine’s Day as part of the decoration.

    It was a pretty simple and fun party, and the girls had fun. They ate, they drank, they played.

    For the next year, I added in some games, and this year’s party should be even better! Check back for updates!

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    Happy New Years Eve!!
    2014 was such an awesome and busy year for my family that we didn't even get our portraits taken! As a result, I opened up fewer sessions - but the ones I did take this year were so much fun. In 2015 I took on three newborn sessions, one "Sweet 16" birthday party, senior portraits, a bridal session, pre-homecoming portraits, lots of dance photos, families, children, and a WEDDING!

    Who knows what 2016 has in store, but I hope to continue making time to capture memories and grow in my photography. I want to thank everyone who has supported me this year and share a few of my favorite pictures from 2015. See my 2014 post here.

    Kids and teens!



    Bridal portraits...


    Senior portraits!

    And the wedding!

    To learn more visit: www.hcammphotography.com

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    That's the theme of this week's iHeartFaces photo challenge. In that spirit I'm posting this picture of my daughter jumping in her Easter dress from a few years ago. It's still one of my favorites.

    There are lots of SUPER CUTE pictures being entered in this challenge. To see more, check out lots of great pics on their website here.

    Photo Challenge Submission

    This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge – www.iheartfaces.com
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    Is it spring yet?

    I'm so ready to get outside and take some beautiful pictures this spring, if it ever gets here.

    Meanwhile, don't forget that in addition to portrait sessions outside I also handle events and other photography needs. For an example of my event work, see the "Valentine's Tea Party" I put together for my daughters last month.

    It was actually pretty easy to put together and shows some of the work I could do for your events and parties!

    The sad news is that my spring schedule is busier than ever this year, so if you are interested in booking a session or event, the time to do so is now!

    If you are interested, check out my calendar here and message me here for more information!

    And stay warm!!
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    Happy birthday to me!
    It's not my real birthday. I will celebrate another year in my 20's this fall...

    ANYWAY, one year ago on February 1, I launched H. Camm Photography! I started with a camera and a website. And now, one year later I have another camera, an improved website, a blog, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, the ability to take credit card payments, and an online gallery allowing clients to order prints directly!

    It's been a lot of fun! Just as I had hoped, I kept it pretty small - never scheduling more than three shoots in a weekend. This year is already filling up with vacations (poor me) and travel for work, but I'm hoping to continue doing a few shoots a month.

    Here's a small breakdown of some of things I did in my first year:
    • Maternity;
    • Birthdays;
    • Families;
    • Infants/toddlers;
    • Dance;
    • Kids/teens;
    • Special events;
    • Engagement;
    • "Cake Smash" first birthday; and a
    • Ninja turtle themed pregnancy announcement.

    And now I'm gearing up for my first wedding this spring, although I don't think this is something I'll be doing often. I'm hoping for more little ones in the coming year and I'll be opening up some dates for spring sessions soon!!

    Thanks to everyone who supported me this year - look out for more in 2015!

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    iHeartFaces: Best Face of 2014
    This week's iHeartFaces photo challenge is "Best Face of 2014." I've taken a lot of BEAUTIFUL photos of friends, family and clients throughout the past year, but my favorite face of the year has to be my daughter eating ice cream at Maymont.

    Coincidentally, it's the same face I make when I get a scoop of chocolate! There are lots of SUPER CUTE pictures being entered in this challenge. To see more, check out lots of great pics on their website here.

    Photo Challenge Submission

    This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge – www.iheartfaces.com
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    Favorite Photos - 2014
    Happy New Years Eve!!

    It's hard to believe that it has almost been a year since I took this hobby and tried to turn it into something more. I've had so much fun this year capturing memories for friends, family, and new friends and clients. I've taken portraits of babies, families, kids, teens, birthday parties, dance costumes, Santa and much more.

    I want to thank everyone who has supported me this year and share a few of my favorite pictures from 2014. Shoot you next year!


    Kids and teens!




    And the holidays!!

    To learn more visit: www.hcammphotography.com

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    Photo Christmas Gifts!
    If you have kids, or ever were a kid, you know that every Christmas in the mail a Christmas gift guide from the toy store comes. Like, The Great Big Christmas Book. Well my version of that came last week.

    They have SO MANY cool things!

    I would get a coffee mug but according to every member of my family, I have “too many” already.

    There are also iPhone cases, ornaments(totally getting one... shh!), magnets(I suggest using it to hold up more pictures on your refrigerator...), desktop plaques, wall decals, glass prints (I’ve always wanted one of these), iPad cases, placemats, keychains, and more.



    Don’t forget calendars! I make one every year.

    Moving on from Shutterfly, there are SO MANY other cool things you can do with your photos as Christmas gifts. Check out my Pinterest boardfor additional ideas. Here are a few of my favorites – some of them DIY!

     Here are the links:

    ·      DIY Photo Board from Shanty 2 Chic
    ·      DIY Photo Coastersfrom Click It Up a Notch
    ·      Homemade Photo Ornaments from Crafting Chicks
    ·      DIY Photo Clock from Rosy Red Buttons
    ·      DIY Photo Initial from Ryan Green Leaf Blog
    ·      DIY Family Photo Wreath from Infarrantly Creative
    ·      DIY Mini Photo Pendants from Lil Blue Boo
    ·      Mini Frame Fridge Magnets from Sugar Bee Crafts

    I can’t wait to try some of these myself! 

    And, not to freak anyone out - but BOOK NOW if you haven't done your photo sessions yet! I'm only doing a few more sessions before taking time off for the holidays!

    Merry shopping/crafting!